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The Church of Now
These are just a few of the services you and your church congregation can provide not just to the people who attend your church, but also you can actually create these jobs for those who are unemployed, stay at home
moms, young adults, adults with free time, families who want to minister to others, anybody in your congregation who is willing to take the gospel and put it into action. All these services really don't need any special financing
because the ones doing it usually already have the supplies, they just don't apply the skills where it's needed. Once you get this going you will come up with more ideas, your members will have ideas, someone may introduce to you a new idea. All you have to do is run with it. In time you're ministering to the needs of your members, they spread the word to thier friends, and their friends spread the word to others and so on and so on.Jesus will make it happen. He will provide the way. It's said that out of all church members that actively attend, only 25% tithe. Look at what Jesus does with only 25%. Just think what a church could do with 100% of it's members tithing. Family members could pay for this service. If the person needing this service is financially able, they could pay maybe a reduced rate. And maybe someone who is able could contribute this service to someone in need even if they pay someone else to provide it. All it takes is a vision, and someone to put the wheels in motion. Is Jesus giving you this vision? Is he asking you to put the wheel in motion? 2012 is the time to put the Church back into action. It's time for the body of Christ to take Authority and Dominion over what God has entrusted us with. The Time is Now. The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. Jesus said "If you take care of the little things, Iwill entrust you with the bigger things", how can we expect to care for the Kingdom of Heaven, if we can't care for this earthly kingdom? We need to get back into the Church business and start taking care of business. Who be against us if God is for us? He that is not of this world, is greater than he who is of this world! I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me. and lastly...God says"I am the Lord your God, there is no other, My People
will not be put to shame. If all the churches would take up this doctrine, and become The Church of Now, we would literally put America back to work, Put the Church back into obedience to God's word by putting God first, the people second and God's hand over it. Washington could return to running the Military, Public Works and Transportation, Communications, etc. As it was, As it should be, As God intended it, Page 7 Previous Next

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