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 The Church of Now What is the church of now? This is the church seen in the way God created it to be. How do we see the church? Is it more than a place to meet? Is it a place where weshould feel safe and secure? Is it aplace to make business deals or to find a date for Saturday night? We know Jesus referred to it as his temple of worship.
We know that it is often referred to as a sanctuary, and as a house of worship. But is it more? Could it ever become more? And if so, what could it be and how would God view it. Let me answer this by first saying...The church as we know it today is used for worshipping God and for spreading the message of the gospel. Some churches offer bible study, and some even hold drug
and alcohol support classes to help those in need. While this is good, can we be doing more? If so, how much more? Now let me say this...If Jesus can meet our every need and is all knowing therefore knowing what we need and exactly when we need it, don't you think he would want to fulfill that need in our life? Why doesn't that need get fulfilled then? Could it be that as always we're trying to do it all by ourselves? What if Jesus did institute a way to provide our needs and we just overlooked it and found other ways of accomplishing it, and by doing that, we bypassed Jesus and well, quite frankly it just hasn't worked out quite like we wanted
it. And as always, we've made a mess of things. So how do we revert back to doing what Jesus intended all along? Simple. By reading his word and doing as he has instructed us to do. If his word is true, and His word is neverfailing, and His word is infalliable, uncorruptable and undeniable. How can we go wrong by simply being obedient to Him and His word? His Gospel teaches us to go out and preach to all the nations. To heal the sick. To care for the elderly
The Church of Now
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