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 This site was created in the name of Jesus Christ who is our Lord and Savior (II Timothy 1:8-10), and may all who encounter this site know that not by chance have you encountered this site, rather by the guiding force of the Holy Spirit have you been led here (John 16:13). Through the use of the World Wide Web, I will proclaim that now is the time, the kingdom of God is at hand (Matthew 10:7) Through this site my hope is that you begin to learn more about God the Father, your creator (Genesis 1:27), about your Savior, Jesus Christ (John 3:17), and the Helper who resides inside of you (John 14:17) to guide you and teach you who you are as a child of God. And as you begin to learn and realize who the Trinity is, you will begin to live and experience joy (John 15:11) and peace (John 16:33) that only a true "Daily Christian Walk" can have. This site is a teaching tool that hopefully will inspire and motivate you to know that Jesus is alive (Revelation 1:18), the Bible is true (II Samuel 7:28), and that the word of God is an encouraging, never changing and revealing book of wisdom (Proverbs 2:1-6), containing everything we ever need to know about every aspect of
our live (Proverbs 3:21-26). So whether you have just received salvation, or you received salvation in the past or you never have accepted Jesus into your life, we hope the living word of God reveals something new and answers that age old question for you: "What is my Purpose in Life" Browse around, bookmark and enjoy this site while giving God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit the praise and glory They deserve (Psalm 147:1). Please come back often and share this site with others. In the future we will be offering merchandise so that you
too can help spread the gospel (Matthew 28:19-20), to friends, family, or just anyone the Holy Spirit leads you to share The Good News
Mission Statement
The Sinners Prayer

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